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Project Corrections / Time spent: Over 4 hours

Message: Professional city life.

Audience: Anyone looking for help in graphic design.

Top Thing Learned: The top things learned form this project was how to created a book on InDesign. I found out that InDesign is used to create magazine and book layouts. I also learned how to use InDesign to create a professional portfolio to help activities my skills and graphic design projects.

As a result of this project I discovered lay outs and designs that I can use to help others build professional to display their artwork.

Future application of Visual Media: I plan to share my portfolio with other on social media to find projects and jobs that will allow me to use the skills I learned in visual media 130.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary

Title Font Name & Category: Old style, Copperplate Gothic Bold

Copy Font Name & Category: San Sarif, Helvetica

Thumbnails of Images used:




Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):





Brochure Project


Brochure 9

Font and back

Brochure 92

Description: This is a brochure designed to advertise the St Patrick’s Day 5k the schools puts on every year during this holiday.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create this brochure. I by looking for brochure designs using google images. After looking over layouts I liked, I started sketching gout on paper the type of design and layout I needed for this project. After sketching out a details blue print I began design my logo.

For the logo I was able to combine the holiday and running theme into it by creating running people and a four leaf clover. After completing the logo I began creating a brochure design and layout. This took me the longest. I would design as much as I could then stop and get professional advice on how I could improve it, then I would improve on what I learned  and then design some more and then ask for more advice on how I could improve my design, I followed this process until I felt it was close to what I wanted.

Message: The main is the St Patrick’s Day 5k is a great way to stay health and have fun.

Audience: Any student or Faculty who wants to run a 5k.

Top Thing Learned: After doing to graphic design projects I find myself more aware of business graphics designs in there companies, I was in Taco bell to day and without thinking I found myself analyzing their restraints logos and advertisements. I was able to see how the principles I have been learning in this class were being used by them.

The main thing I learned in this class how to organize text and titles in a flyer/brochure layout. I also was impressed with all their others students ideas on their brochures, they were a great source of inspiration for me brochure design. Furthermore I learned how to take simple theme and create a brochure out of photos and colors.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary

Title Font Name & Category: San Sarif: BlairMdITC TT

Copy Font Name & Category: Old Style: Lao Sangam MN

Word Count of copy: 278 words

Thumbnails of Images used






Sources (Links to images on original websites)


Don’t forget to include your video presentation!

Web Page design

Web page screen shot 3

Description: The web page describes the process of the design companies’ logo creation.

Process: My inspiration for the final project came from students in the Communications lab and from researching popular web site layouts of up to date web pages. I started with the back ground. I wanted something that would look more modern and refreshing. After looking at other websites I found a picture of a city that matched the color of my logo. For the text I added bold to the titles to help the reader understand the start of each list. I also figured out how to change the opacity of the body background. I added in the correct program and then changed opacity to allow the image of the city to appear through the CSS body background.

(Programs, Tools, Skills): I use HTML and CSS programing to design the webpage.

Message: This is a Logo for a Graphic design company.

Audience: This is for anyone who is looking for help in graphic and web design.

Top Thing Learned:

Opacity: I wanted to fade out the background of the body of my web page to allow it to blend in with the background image. I went to w3schools and learned how to adjust the opacity of the color in the background.

Adding a back ground image: With the help of my roommate, I learned how to add the image into the background of my webpage.

Background – repeat: When I first added the image it repeated it self in the back ground. So i added the back ground repeat to get one single image instead of lots of other image.

Color scheme and color hex(s): I used the complimentary color scheme. Blue and orange

Title Font Families & Category:

Webpage: Verdana – sanserif

Logo: Microsoft Sans Serif

Copy Font Families & Category:

Webpage: Microsoft Sans Serif

Logo: Perpetua – Sans Serif

Changes made to the CSS: I added a pack round image and opacity setting, and adjusted the opacity of the background.

Word Count: 172

Business cards and letter head


Letter head

Business Card (8.5×11 layout):

Business Cards

Business Card (Large layout):

Large Business cards

Description: Matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process: I started with the logo. I wanted to create an image that helps express the design aspect of the company. I got my inspiration from google. I thought the orange and blue colored would work create for this company. I made the base color orange with the text dark blue. I also got the design of the text from a logo I found on line use the ideas on my logo.

For the letter head I simply placed the logo at the top of the page and attend some colored boxes at the bottom to create a clean pattern of the colors. The colors came out bright when I added them into the letter head so I dimed down the colors to a lighter shade of brightness. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign.

Message: I am creating a design company as a result I wanted to create image that expressed art and digital design.

Audience: Anyone who needs help design web sites, logos and ant other types of digital design art work.

Top Thing Learned: The main things learned from this project were how to brand and image for a company. I learned how to create letter heads and business cards witch I was excited about, I was wanting to learn how to do this for my the design company.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary.

Title Font Name & Category: Microsoft Sans Serif.

Copy Font Name & Category: Old style: Perpetua

Logo Desing

P5 Chase Hauver1

Description: Three logo variations for the same company.

Process: I wanted to create a logo that expressed the purpose of the design company I am creating. I used the 360 degree tool create the shapes used in my fist logo with the colored circle shape inform of the text. For the second Logo I used the shape tool and created a circle than I changed it to fit the needed style I was looking for. The third logo I took a template from the gallery and colored it and edit it to make the shape I needed. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator,

Message: Phrase View Design is a digital design company that creates and designs Logos Montages and webpages.

Audience: Anyone needing help in creating designs and images for their company.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to use the magic shape tool from the tutor. She showed me how to combined shapes together. She also taught me how to use the 360 degree too to copy shapes into a circular shape, example is used in my fist logo with the colored circle shape inform of the text. I also learned how to connect shapes together using the pen tool.

Another thing I learned was how to use the magic shape tool from the tutor. She showed me how to combined shapes together. She also taught me how to use the 360 degree too to copy shapes into a circular shape, example is used in my fist logo with the colored circle shape inform of the text. I also learned how to connect shapes together using the pen tool.

Three Color Scheme: Split Complimentary for all three logos. Color Names: Orange, till, and red.

Top Logo = 14; Middle Logo = 10; Bottom Logo =5; My favorite logo was the middle logo

Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Myriad Pro (Slab Serif)
Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Monotype Corsiva (Decritive)

Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Arial (Sans Serif)
Middle Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Lucida Calligraphy Italic (Decretive)

Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Gill Sans Ultra Bold (Sans Serif)
Bottom Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: NA (Only one font)
My favorite logo is, the middle Logo